Month: April 2014

4 Stars, Comedy, Musical, West End

Cool Rider

A question that has plagued the hearts of humanity for centuries is answered in this camp and comical musical: just how do you get the girl? The answer? Leather. It’s always leather. A staging of the love-it-or-hate-it film Grease 2 that achieved its Marmite status in 1982, Cool Rider has accumulated a roaring cult following despite its rocky beginnings. Following…read more
4 Stars, Off West End, Play

Nina Kristofferson’s Billie Holiday Story

The Billie Holiday Story is a glamorous and moving account of the troubled life of one of the most prolific jazz stars in America. Set to an impeccable five-piece Jazz band, Holiday’s story is told through a hybrid of gig and drama, monologues seamlessly intertwined with the lyrics of Holiday’s songs, the story behind each revealed before and during its…read more