Month: June 2014

5 Stars, London, Off West End, Play

The Corruption of Dorian Gray

The Corruption of Dorian Gray proves to be an extremely strong addition to the many reproductions of Oscar Wilde’s work exploring the beauty and ugliness of human nature and desire. The play recounts Gray’s descent into evil in the irresistibly debauched backstreets of London while also shining more light on the homoerotic undercurrents that were only hinted at in the…read more
3 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Play


A mysterious and intriguing show, Blackout certainly makes up in atmosphere what it lacks in narrative. Featuring music by talented actor and musician Tim Cook, the show was a mix of drama and songs that were seamlessly intertwined with the story, and having been marketed as ‘part psychological thriller, part post-apocalyptic musical’, it was set up with a lot of…read more