Month: May 2015

5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Play

The Butterfly Catcher

The Butterfly Catcher charts the class of 2015’s last days of high school and one student’s attempt to capture it all on film. It features all the staple school characters that are instantly recognisable and relatable: the alternative kids, the popular cliques and the overworked intellectuals. What makes this production stand out from the many other high school plays is…read more
3 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Play


Alana, a young recording artist, finds herself alone after the sudden death of her father. As if that would not be enough to deal with, she is set up for a new love and a drastically altered family tree as well. The play thrusts the audience into the story as fast as the characters are, establishing the setting firmly, clearly…read more
3 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Play

Talking in the Library

Talking in the Library follows four characters frequenting their public library, each with their own stories to tell. There is Derek, the rule-loving library manager who yearns for the past; Mari, a chatty, innocent cleaner with a hidden literary addiction; Bethany, a struggling women’s studies student; and Jay, a young man caught between the macho nature of his construction career…read more
4 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Musical

Point and Shoot: A New Musical

The year is 2042: Hollywood is dead, the film industry buckled under the weight of hefty blockbuster films. Independent filmmakers have transformed society into a cultural paradise, but all this is threatened when a young actress hands over the rights to Selma, a dated TV show of the 60s. With this comes the opportunity for a restless and ambitious screenwriter…read more