Month: May 2016

4 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Play, Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The course of true love doesn’t run smooth for long in this Shakespearian comedy. As Duke Theseus and Hippolyta prepare for their wedding, Egeus, an Athenian citizen arrives with a predicament: His daughter Hermia won’t marry the man he intends for her, Demetrius, and instead has fallen for Lysander. Demetrius himself has baggage; he used to love Hermia’s friend Helena…read more
5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Play


Bane tells the story of hitman Bruce Bane, ‘a hired hand who gets the job done’. In the first instalment of the story, Bane works back through a convoluted web of friends, foes, memories and chance encounters to find out who is after him. Drama, comedy, and the consequent body count are all extremely high in this unashamedly mad, fast-paced…read more
5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Play

Bane 3

Bane looks to relocate and start anew in a new town, a town so idyllic no one would expect to find him there: Sunnyview. Comic snatches of life in suburbia conjure up images reminiscent of the squeaky clean, pastel town of Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. Bane, now known as Bill Black, settles down and starts a family, but of course,…read more
5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Play


Airswimming tells the tragic story of two women, Dora and Persephone, who have been incarcerated and forgotten in an asylum for the criminally insane in the 1920s. While this premise is admittedly daunting at first glance, the story is lifted far from the dark, disturbing terrain it could have wallowed in with dashes of heartfelt humour and occasional, blissful scenes…read more