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Notorious Women of Brighton

Performance: 03/06/18 For so long the history books have been written by men and about men, and Royal Pavilion guide Louise Preskett aims to correct this imbalance with a 90 minute amble through Brighton sharing stories about the pioneering women in this 'golden triangle of women's history'. The tour begins outside St. Nicholas church in central Brighton, where, on this…read more
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Performance: 16/06/17 Proof, an acclaimed drama by David Auburn, explores grief, mental illness and family ties against an academic and mathematical backdrop. Catherine, daughter of a celebrated mathematician, Robert, is mourning his recent death after an undefined battle with mental illness. Catherine struggles with the loss of her father while also trying to step out of his shadow and prove…read more
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Performance: 13/05/17 Two decades of drought result in a ban on the use of private toilets, and citizens are forced to pay through the roof to use public amenities, a privilege we currently enjoy in the real world without the excuse of a drought. A classic story of underdog vs. megalomaniac corporation, Urinetown ticks all the musical clichés through witty…read more
5 Stars, Brighton, Brighton Fringe, Play

Mary and Me

Performance: 06/05/17 Hannah, a 15 year old girl, dies giving birth in a grotto. Sporting a red satchel and scrunchie, she is a girl who is struggling not only with pregnancy, but also against the prying eyes of a small rural village, the weight of her Catholic upbringing and mounting schoolwork. Mary and Me presents a serious premise with a…read more
5 Stars, London, Musical, West End

Les Misérables

Performance: 22/04/17 For those unfamiliar with the story of Les Misérables, some spoilers may lie below. '...so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, books like this cannot be useless.' Victor Hugo, 1862. So begins Les Misérables, the epic novel by equally epic French author, Victor Hugo. Now in its 32nd year, the musical adaptation of Les Misérables is still attracting millions of…read more
5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Play


Bane tells the story of hitman Bruce Bane, ‘a hired hand who gets the job done’. In the first instalment of the story, Bane works back through a convoluted web of friends, foes, memories and chance encounters to find out who is after him. Drama, comedy, and the consequent body count are all extremely high in this unashamedly mad, fast-paced…read more
5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Play

Bane 3

Bane looks to relocate and start anew in a new town, a town so idyllic no one would expect to find him there: Sunnyview. Comic snatches of life in suburbia conjure up images reminiscent of the squeaky clean, pastel town of Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. Bane, now known as Bill Black, settles down and starts a family, but of course,…read more
5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Play


Airswimming tells the tragic story of two women, Dora and Persephone, who have been incarcerated and forgotten in an asylum for the criminally insane in the 1920s. While this premise is admittedly daunting at first glance, the story is lifted far from the dark, disturbing terrain it could have wallowed in with dashes of heartfelt humour and occasional, blissful scenes…read more
5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Play

2 Complicated

After the success of last year’s dark comedy Way Back, 2 Complicated was bound for success. Daniel (Matt Lim), while still living with this ex-girlfriend, decides what he really needs to get over her is a long distance relationship. This seemingly simple solution to his problems is the catalyst for every complication thereafter, certainly making the play live up to…read more