Brighton Fringe

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Notorious Women of Brighton

Performance: 03/06/18 For so long the history books have been written by men and about men, and Royal Pavilion guide Louise Preskett aims to correct this imbalance with a 90 minute amble through Brighton sharing stories about the pioneering women in this 'golden triangle of women's history'. The tour begins outside St. Nicholas church in central Brighton, where, on this…read more
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Vibrantly Lieu: Welcome to the PVC Shopping Channel

Performance: 26/05/18 'Get yourself an oil-based boyfriend'. If there was ever a piece of advice to take forward into the remainder of 2018, this would be one of the best. Written by and starring Gemma Jones, Vibrantly Lieu: Welcome to the PVC Shopping Channel tells the sloppy-drunk rise, fall and rise again of Neve, a young woman desperate to become a shopping…read more
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Interview: Leigh Johnstone on Rum in the Gravy Boat

Fluid Motion Theatre Co. is a mental health theatre company specialising in mental health themes, tackling not only the issues themselves, but the stigma that surrounds them, and educating the public about mental health through their shows, events, and workshops. Rum in the Gravy boat tells Fluid Motion's artistic director Leigh Johnstone's story growing up with an alcoholic mother. As…read more
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Tom and Bunny Save the World: The Musical

Performance: 20/05/18 Tom and Bunny Save the World is a folk musical. A folk musical, but with zombies. Think Once and Shaun of the Dead. We follow, or rather, chase after, the tough and independent Bunny as she, the anxious, wimpy Tom and their gaggle of eccentric friends try to travel up north from London to lovely Yorkshire in the middle of a zombie…read more
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Only in Brighton!

Performance: 19/05/17 Brighton doesn't really need its ego stroking, but a little indulgence now and then can't hurt, which I think is the philosophy the city is built on. Beginning the tour by mulling over what makes Brighton just that little bit different (yes, I'm looking at you, the father pushing a pram while riding a unicycle on the seafront)…read more
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Performance: 17/05/18 Heimatmann, featuring just two performers, John Casey and Jessie Waterfield, tells the story of Georg Elser. Elser was a German man who failed to assassinate Adolf Hitler – but only by a matter of minutes. We hear his story from his ghost as he swigs beer, tells jokes and and reminisces about that tumultuous period in Germany's history. Georg…read more
4 Stars, Brighton, Brighton Fringe, Play

The Field Street Monologues

Performance: 14/05/18 What happens behind closed doors? How much do you really know about your neighbours? Is that knowledge you're better left without? The Field Street Monologues consists of six monologues exploring exactly those things. We meet a young man embarking on his first dating in the dark experience, a clown recounting the lifelong escalation of hatred for his mother, a businessman…read more
3 Stars, Brighton, Brighton Fringe, Comedy

What’s Wrong With Monotony?

Performance: 04/05/18 What's Wrong With Monotony? sees a dishevelled, defeated writer struggling to put pen to paper, an activity I can confirm takes up more than half of every writer's career. Choosing to hide under his blanket on the sofa instead of tackling the blank page, the writer is ambushed by his three actor friends who are eagerly expecting a new…read more