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Performance: 17/05/18 Heimatmann, featuring just two performers, John Casey and Jessie Waterfield, tells the story of Georg Elser. Elser was a German man who failed to assassinate Adolf Hitler – but only by a matter of minutes. We hear his story from his ghost as he swigs beer, tells jokes and and reminisces about that tumultuous period in Germany's history. Georg…read more
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The Humours of Bandon

Performance: 16/05/18 “Dancing kills. Especially at the Irish Opens.” Annie. A young and competitive Irish dancer with her eyes glued on the 1st place podium. A small story filled with big personalities, The Humours of Bandon charts the rollercoaster ride of wins and losses in the cutthroat world of Irish dancing with bundles of heart and humour. Writer and sole…read more
4 Stars, Brighton, Brighton Fringe, Play

The Field Street Monologues

Performance: 14/05/18 What happens behind closed doors? How much do you really know about your neighbours? Is that knowledge you're better left without? The Field Street Monologues consists of six monologues exploring exactly those things. We meet a young man embarking on his first dating in the dark experience, a clown recounting the lifelong escalation of hatred for his mother, a businessman…read more
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Performance: 30/04/18 Gracie is a one-woman show picking apart freedom and religious indoctrination by Canadian playwright Joan MacLeod. It saw its first performance in British Columbia in 2017. It follows a young girl, Gracie, as she grows up in the 'valleys of bikes and horses', a seemingly idyllic fundamentalist Mormon community. While this particular community is fictitious, the very real…read more
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Witness for the Prosecution

Performance: 14/10/17, County Hall, London Originally adapted by Agatha Christie herself for the stage from her short story Traitor Hands, Witness for the Prosecution tells the story of Leonard Vole (Jack McMullen), an attractive if naive young man on trial for the murder of a lonely but, crucially, wealthy middle-aged woman. Vole's only hope is his German wife Romaine (Catherine…read more
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NVT’s Short Play Festival

Performance: 25/07/17 New Venture Theatre’s Short Play Festival featured six new 15-20 minute plays by new writers, brought to life by six directors and a cast of 16. Spanning a diverse range of genres, the Festival boasted stories of love, death, fame, sex, acceptance and pathos that made for a rich and engaging tableau of storytelling. Sorry By Amy Onyett…read more
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Proof – Extended Review

Proof, an acclaimed drama by American playwright David Auburn, explores grief, mental illness and family ties against an academic and mathematical backdrop. It is a family drama that shows the weight of genius, and the difficulty of trying to prove oneself and find validation in the people around us or from a world that thrives on insecurity. Catherine (Marie Ellis),…read more
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Performance: 16/06/17 Proof, an acclaimed drama by David Auburn, explores grief, mental illness and family ties against an academic and mathematical backdrop. Catherine, daughter of a celebrated mathematician, Robert, is mourning his recent death after an undefined battle with mental illness. Catherine struggles with the loss of her father while also trying to step out of his shadow and prove…read more