4 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Play

Way Back

Way Back follows Carol, a member of the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Squad, as she goes to desperate and ridiculous measures to bring two men back from the verge of despair. A heartbroken boyfriend struggling in the wake of his girlfriend’s death and a washed up pop-star yearning for the paparazzi of the past. Despite their personal tragedies, each character’s tale…read more
3 Stars, Brighton Fringe, LGBT, Play

Auld Acquaintance

Auld Acquaintance follows two couples through an extremely rocky Christmas – a dying mother, a newborn child and a kindling romance between two wives – a recipe for rising tension and bitter festive spirit. Although it was equipped with strong narrative and characterisation, it was hard to truly connect or care about the characters’ struggles as they were quite unlikeable,…read more
4 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy

Immigrant Diaries

Most of those to whom I mentioned this show thought I would be in for an evening of hard-hitting, emotional grit concerning the nation’s touchiest issue, but Immigrant Diaries was a far cry from those misconceptions. Through a storytelling show delivered by four wonderful women, the audience were treated to an array of tales of childhood experiences growing up in…read more
3 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Musical

My Friend Lester

A gentle, low-key musical exploring the relationship between jazz stars Billie Holiday and Lester Young, My Friend Lester offers an hour of soulful music against a story of struggling love. The show was structured around performances of Holiday’s songs bookended by monologues and short dialogues between the characters. No song was out of place and the story’s circular narrative tied…read more
4 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Musical

I Need a Doctor: The Whosical

A sci-fi musical isn’t something often seen gracing theatre stages, but this whirlwind production proves that it can be done, and done well. Cackling villains, fairy godmothers, makeshift monsters, tweed-clad Time Lords – and these all played by just one man – it’s a hybrid destined for madness. A well crafted musical disguised as a shoddy amateur production, I Need…read more
4 Stars, Comedy, Musical, West End

Cool Rider

A question that has plagued the hearts of humanity for centuries is answered in this camp and comical musical: just how do you get the girl? The answer? Leather. It’s always leather. A staging of the love-it-or-hate-it film Grease 2 that achieved its Marmite status in 1982, Cool Rider has accumulated a roaring cult following despite its rocky beginnings. Following…read more
4 Stars, Off West End, Play

Nina Kristofferson’s Billie Holiday Story

The Billie Holiday Story is a glamorous and moving account of the troubled life of one of the most prolific jazz stars in America. Set to an impeccable five-piece Jazz band, Holiday’s story is told through a hybrid of gig and drama, monologues seamlessly intertwined with the lyrics of Holiday’s songs, the story behind each revealed before and during its…read more
4 Stars, Off West End, Play

Hobson’s Choice

Harold Brighouse’s classic play has enjoyed an enduring success since its debut in 1916. From Broadway to a London ballet, this tale of family life, love, and all the chaos in between seems to have no bounds to its versatility, and continues to entertain in this new amateur production. Henry Horatio Hobson, widower and proud owner of his Salford boot…read more
3 Stars, Comedy, London, Off West End, Play

The Final Revelation of Sherlock Holmes

The famous Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have had a great deal of screen time in recent years, and this small scale play, featuring just two cast members – Nico Lennon and James McGregor as Sherlock and John respectively – is a very nice addition to the plethora of current adaptations of Conan Doyle’s most enduring detective couple. Now in…read more