4 Stars, Comedy, London, Off West End, Play

The Three Lions

David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham stuck in a Swiss hotel room: if there was any premise ripe for comedy, it would be this. The Three Lions offers an hilarious insight into England’s bid to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, following the high flying personalities as they fumble their way through meetings, botched hotel bookings and political negotiations.…read more
4 Stars, London, Off West End, Play


Milked is an impressive two-man show featuring the very talented Oliver Mott and Adam Redmore. The play follows two friends, Paul and Snowy, as they grapple with the quickly dawning reality of having to find a direction in life. And then there’s the very unfortunate Sandy, a poorly cow the friends stumble upon after a walk, who suffers every manner…read more
4 Stars, Comedy, London, Off West End

The Diary of a Nobody

The Diary of a Nobody was first published in 1892 by brothers George and Weedon Grossmith, with the premise that even a self-declared nobody’s day to day life could be compiled to make an entertaining, enlightening and enjoyable read. The play is structured around Charles Pooter’s diary entries, recounting the trials of his wife, son, and the array of his…read more
4 Stars, Comedy, Family, Off West End, Outdoor

Glass Mountain

Inspired by the works of Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm Glass Mountain is an original fairytale steeped in everything you’d expect: magic, mystery, and horror. The story follows two cousins: Little Hans, a husband-to-be bravely searching for his true love, and Lukoje, a storyteller who laces their adventures with magical tales, sometimes with dangerous consequences. Anyone who enjoys…read more
5 Stars, London, Off West End, Play

The Corruption of Dorian Gray

The Corruption of Dorian Gray proves to be an extremely strong addition to the many reproductions of Oscar Wilde’s work exploring the beauty and ugliness of human nature and desire. The play recounts Gray’s descent into evil in the irresistibly debauched backstreets of London while also shining more light on the homoerotic undercurrents that were only hinted at in the…read more
3 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Play


A mysterious and intriguing show, Blackout certainly makes up in atmosphere what it lacks in narrative. Featuring music by talented actor and musician Tim Cook, the show was a mix of drama and songs that were seamlessly intertwined with the story, and having been marketed as ‘part psychological thriller, part post-apocalyptic musical’, it was set up with a lot of…read more
4 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Play

Lego Dream

Lorna is settling into her new life in London while Brian is enjoying a reclusive lifestyle as a night chef; between Lorna’s brave forays into various evening classes and Brian’s meticulous cleaning regime, it seems unlikely that the two should ever meet. That is until the Metro’s lonely hearts column for commuters catches their eyes. A show with an interesting…read more
5 Stars, Brighton Fringe, LGBT, Play

Away From Home

Male escorts, homosexuality and football: Away From Home takes on a lot in its one hour slot, and it scores perfectly in terms of tone, performance and narrative. It follows Kyle, an escort who finds himself falling for a client wrapped up in the life of the premier footballer. Working in an industry where homosexuality is slated as much as…read more
4 Stars, Brighton Fringe, Comedy, Play

Way Back

Way Back follows Carol, a member of the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Squad, as she goes to desperate and ridiculous measures to bring two men back from the verge of despair. A heartbroken boyfriend struggling in the wake of his girlfriend’s death and a washed up pop-star yearning for the paparazzi of the past. Despite their personal tragedies, each character’s tale…read more
3 Stars, Brighton Fringe, LGBT, Play

Auld Acquaintance

Auld Acquaintance follows two couples through an extremely rocky Christmas – a dying mother, a newborn child and a kindling romance between two wives – a recipe for rising tension and bitter festive spirit. Although it was equipped with strong narrative and characterisation, it was hard to truly connect or care about the characters’ struggles as they were quite unlikeable,…read more